BDKD Rechtsanwälte Kunze Dietrich Duhme Partnersch. mbB
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One central area of BDKD's work is real estate law at all stages of acquisition, planning and development of real property. This comprises both the civil-law side of the project (property purchase, architects’ and en­gi­nee­ring contracts, project development and con­struc­tion contracts) and the prerequisites under public law concerning planning and implementation of de­ve­lop­ment projects (clarification of planning and federal state building law as well as immission protection is­sues, representation in proceedings relating to per­mis­sion including administrative law proceedings).

 BDKD advises the parties involved in a development project concerning the structure of their contractual relationships and assists them during and after the construction phase. In the event of disputes, the firm represents the client in and out of Court as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings, always with a view to solving the dispute quickly, comprehensively and economically. 

In the event of commercial use of a property, BDKD drafts lease agreements and contracts of use, negotiates with and/or on behalf of potential lessees and represents the parties involved in any disputes during and after the phase of use.