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BDKD offers its clients a wide range of services in the field of law of succession. The firm advises clients in the structuring and drafting of last wills and inheritance contracts. Always included in the subject matter of such advice is the question of whether anticipated succession, i. e. the transfer of assets in the testator’s lifetime, if applicable including certain security mechanisms in favour of the transferor, might be a good alternative. 

Not least as a consequence of its work in the field of commercial law, BDKD assists its corporate clients in making provisions for corporate succession in order to avoid uncontrolled succession which may challenge the continued existence of a company. Together with the client, the firm also develops solutions involving the formation of trusts, provides advice in the structuring of the charter of trusts and accompanies the trust transaction until it is recognised by the supervisory authority competent for trusts. After an event of succession, BDKD advises in the partition of the estate and in the enforcement of and/or defence against any claims to a shares or forced shares in the estate. The firm also advises in the drafting of preventive powers of attorney (including living wills and advance directives).